The Best (Last Minute) Visual Lifestyle Gift This Year

Is Your Shopping Done Yet?

With Christmas just a few days away, there’s not much time left to find something special.  If you’re still in the market, there’s one great gift you can still get your hands on.

A Colorful Discovery

A few years ago, we started carrying Maui Jim sunwear in The Eyewear Gallery at LaFollette Eye Clinic.  I knew of the brand for years, but hadn’t been convinced to carry them up until that point.  We already carried many excellent brands, and I was happy with my own sunwear.

Or so I thought.

Once I received my first pair of Maui Jims, I was astonished.  I first thought their commercials (see the video above) were just good marketing.  But I was seeing colors so brightly, I could hardly believe it.  I often stepped outside and put them on just to try them again.

My Maui Jim sunglasses are my best visual lifestyle accessory to date.

A Colorful Company

According to their website, Maui Jim sunglasses were introduced in 1980 in Hawaii.  Their location meant they had to pay close attention to stopping intense glare and harmful UV radiation.  And, they wanted lenses that enhanced the beautiful colors of the island.

Today, Maui Jim makes superior sunwear.  The company and technology may have evolved, but their core philosophy continues to drive them.

Here are four excellent reasons you should give Maui Jim sunwear this year:

  • Mission: Maui Jim states their mission is to “spread aloha through vivid color, clarity, and detail.”
  • Philosophy: Their sunwear is a combination of the core elements of their philosophy, which includes protection (from glare and UV), vision (both color and clarity), and of course, style.
  • Belief: According to their website, the company believes color and light are the keys to human experience.
  • Service: This is where Maui Jim really stands out.  Our Leadership Team met just this morning to decide what to do about several name brand companies that are reducing their service to both us and our patients.  Maui Jim, on the other hand, provides the best customer service I have ever experienced from a sunwear vendor in over twenty years.

Christmas is coming fast.  If you’d like to give Maui Jim sunwear this season, you’ll probably have to go to a dealer.  That’s easy.  Click here to find one near you.  Whether you’re giving a pair to yourself or a loved one, they will be enjoyed for a long time.

Question: What’s your favorite time to wear sunglasses?  Please let me know in the comments below.

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