My New Favorite Visual Lifestyle Accessory

A Useful Visual Lifestyle Product From a Unique Company

As an optometrist, I enjoy access to a lot of visual lifestyle products and services.  So it’s not often I’m head over heels for one particular company or their products.  That is, until I found Declan.  Check out the video and then read on below:

A Sunwear Surprise

If you follow The Visual Lifestyle, you’ll know my favorite sunglasses come from Maui Jim.  And, you might know I passed them up for a long time.

When I first tried them, however, I was astonished.  So much so that I was disappointed I hadn’t tried them earlier.  Check out this post to find out more about that story.

Don’t Call It a Lens Cloth

The same thing happened when I received my first product from Declan.  I was immediately impressed with both the utility and style of their upscale textiles.  And, I was kicking myself for not trying them sooner.

According to their website, Declan is more than a lens cleaning cloth, it’s a lifestyle accessory.  In their own words, it is “Engineered to effectively and sartorially clean your eyewear, touch screens, camera, etc.”

I was immediately impressed with both the utility and style of their upscale textiles.  Soon after, I had my own little collection of Declan products.  Now, I carry one with me every day.

The video above includes this line: “Use Declan, and you’ll discover an unexpected essential for your everyday life.”  I have found that to be true, and I think you might too.

Here are four reasons I carry Declan products with me everywhere I go:

  • Form: The Declan square I have with me as I write is both larger and thicker than traditional lens cloths.
  • Function: The added size and heft makes it a lot easier to clean larger surfaces, such as tablets and even my computer monitor.
  • Style: I have used Declan products both casually (tucked into the back of my jeans) and formally (as a pocket square).  They always get noticed, and trigger frequent comments.  I even had another eye doctor swoon over one.
  • Variety: Declan offers two sizes and two materials.  And, they offer other products with unfinished edges if it’s truly just a lens cloth you’re after.

As you can imagine, I have the opportunity to use a lot of different visual lifestyle accessories, many of them for free.  Yet I still choose to buy Declan products, and I use them daily.

I hope you’ll try them and enjoy them as much as I do.

Question: If you’ve tried Declan, what do you think?  If not, what is your favorite visual lifestyle accessory?  Please let me know in the comments below.


Author’s note: I do not receive financial or other compensation from Declan.  I simply write about their products because I use them, believe they work, and think you’ll benefit from them too.

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