My Eye Care Arsenal: 8 Great Products for Your Eyes Now

An Insider’s Guide to What Works

When I meet a professional in any industry, I like to know what they use to make their lives better, easier, healthier, or more efficient.  The answers are different and interesting, and I can always put one or two of them to good use myself.  And, when they list their favorite items in one post that’s a bonus.

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Who Really Wants It, Anyway?

I have written several posts highlighting patients who come to me for help yet refuse to follow easy, inexpensive guidelines for healthy eyes and clear vision.  But a lot of my patients will not only ask for my recommendations, but also ask if they can get them in my office.  In other words, if I say it works, they want it now.

This is true for two types of people.  First, those without eye problems but want to keep them clear, comfortable, and healthy for an excellent visual lifestyle.  Second, those who have begun to experience difficulties with their eyes and vision and want their eye problems solved so they can get on with their lives.  Vision problems can be very distracting, and these people are motivated to take action.

My Favorite Products for Clear, Comfortable, Healthy Vision

Although my eye care arsenal might vary at times, these products are the mainstays I have used for years.  They are my favorites for two reasons: one, I use them myself with success.  And two, they are the ones my patients say work the best.  If there are any changes, rest assured: I’ll let you know in a future post.  For now, these are my favorite eye care products*:

  1. Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops: This is my go-to bottle for when my eyes need either moisture or a good rinse, and the one I recommend most to patients. It’s made by Alcon, one of the most trusted names in the eye care industry.  I have a bottle with me everywhere I go.
  2. Systane Balance Lubricant Eye Drops: Another winner, Systane Balance is designed for moderate to severe dry eyes. It replenishes the oily layer of the tear film, which means this drop is a bit thicker than Systane Ultra.  I use this one but not as much, although my patients with dry eyes really appreciate it.
  3. OcuSoft Lid Scrub Original Foaming Eyelid Cleanser: This eyelid cleansing foam is indispensable, and I use it every day. It’s simple, quick, and inexpensive.  See this post for why you need it, and this one for how to use it.  It’s also available in travel packs, which also work well.
  4. Maui Jim Keanae Sunglasses: Maui Jim is one of the most impressive companies I work with, and they make some incredible lenses. I like the Keanae because it’s light weight, and I choose the Neutral Grey lens for best color consistency.  They offer 100% UV protection and blue light protection.  It’s a smallish frame, so if you need something larger you may want a different style.  Other lenses include Maui Rose, HCR Bronze, or the green Maui HT; you can’t go wrong.  If you need a prescription like I do, see your trusted eye care professional.
  5. Oakley Gascan Sunglasses: Although other sunwear has come and gone, my faithful Oakley Gascans have lasted more than a decade. I keep going back to them because the style is timeless, the comfort is unmatched, and my vision is clear and comfortable.  Choose polarized lenses for best results.  Also available in prescription lenses if you need; see your eye doctor.
  6. HOYA Eyeglass Lenses: This is a broad category, because this company makes so many excellent lens designs good for a range of visual needs. See this link to learn about the company that claims to make the most advanced eyeglass lenses on earth.  I believe it.  I’m especially fond of their Sync lenses and their EX-3 and Recharge lens treatments (scroll down when you click those links to learn more).
  7. Pataday Prescription Eye Drops: When nature’s blooms have my eyes itching like crazy, this is the prescription eye drop I turn to most often. It reduces itching, redness, and watering, plus it’s only needed once daily.
  8. Alrex Prescription Eye Drops: When the pollen count is up I also like Alrex for its soothing relief of symptoms related to eye allergies.

So there you have it.  I use these products almost exclusively.  And as an optometrist, you can imagine I have the opportunity to try just about anything the market has to offer.  I keep coming back to these because I trust them and the companies that make them, and they work well consistently.  Stay tuned for future posts where I’ll highlight other products that have helped my patients over the years.

Question: What is your favorite eye care product?  Feel free to comment here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

*I gain nothing financially if you use these products.  I use them and write about them because they work.

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