LaFollette Eye Clinic Named One of the Finest Optical Retailers in America

A Celebration of Vision Wins Big

In a crowded world, it’s nice to be noticed.  So I was excited when INVISION Magazine named LaFollette Eye Clinic and The Eyewear Gallery to their list of the Finest Optical Retailers in America.  The design theme for our new location is “A Celebration of Vision,” and now we’re celebrating a little recognition.



“Gave Disney a Run for Their Money”

The contest judges showed their appreciation for the clinic’s design with a perfect score for the interior spaces.  One judge, Robert Bell, summed up his feelings saying, “I think they just gave Disney a run for their money as the ‘happiest place on earth.'”


Lights, Color, Art

In the article featuring LaFollette Eye Clinic and The Eyewear Gallery, a few things stood out to the judges.  One, the large windows offer a cool view into the building from the road.  Two, the clever use of colors that pop everywhere you look.  And three, the interior design of the clinic allows for art displays.  LaFollette Eye Clinic is currently hosting the 20th anniversary Eyes on LaFollette photojournalism exhibition, which was previously shown at the State Museum in Nashville.

Luxury branding expert and judge Andrea Hill said, “The message ‘We have great doctors, we’re a modern facility in every way, and we have something — including something fashionable — for everyone’ comes across loud and clear.”

If you’d like to see INVISION Magazine’s full coverage of LaFollette Eye Clinic and The Eyewear Gallery, click here.  Also, you can see a list of all winners here.


What’s Next?

While it’s nice to be recognized, we don’t intend to sit back and relax.  Our Leadership Team is working every day to innovate ways to elevate the patient experience.  This includes not only new lens technologies and frame lines, but also new medical techniques and diagnostic technology.  We love beauty and we love art, but our primary goal is to help our patients preserve their eyes so they can enjoy clear, comfortable vision for a lifetime.

Part of that goal is my continued writing about living the visual lifestyle.  You really can enjoy life without distractions caused by eyes that don’t function well.  For example, stay tuned for a future post, where I distill big successes down to individual actions, and how this applies to you when you want to elevate your own visual lifestyle.

Question: Do you have a favorite retailer?  What impresses you about them?  Feel free to share your thoughts and comment here or on our other social media channels.

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14 thoughts on “LaFollette Eye Clinic Named One of the Finest Optical Retailers in America

  1. Andy,
    Congratulations to you and Elizabeth on a great looking practice. You guys have done well and I am grateful to have spent some time with you in Cleinman over the years. Wishing you much continued success!


    • Ken, thanks a lot for your kind words. I also enjoyed our mastermind time together…it really helps to learn from other experts in the field!

      Blessings, Andy