How to Accessorize Your Eyes for the New Year

Eight Eye Products You Should Own Today

Most people should pay better attention to their eye health and vision.  But even if your visual lifestyle is well established, you may still be missing some of these must-have accessories.


We Accessorize Our Lives

Think about your favorite hobby.  No matter what it is, there are thousands of accessories available to help you enjoy it more or do it better.  Photography is one example.  Cameras, lenses, cases, filters, lights, and other gear could fill a small truck.  Even a less technical hobby like walking isn’t that simple.  A web search for “walking accessories” yields over 86 million results.

And what about your favorite product?  Chances are it has loads of accessories available to add on.  The auto accessory and smart phone accessory markets command $40 billion.


I know some people think the accessory market is excessive.  And most of us can think of a few we’ve tried that just didn’t work.  But consider your hobbies and favorite products.  I’ll bet you own some accessories you wouldn’t want to live without.

Accessories Support Your Lifestyle

Here’s a thought: your lifestyle depends largely on your vision.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that anything you do or buy for your eyes is an accessory for your favorite hobbies and products?

Here’s a list of my favorite visual lifestyle accessories:

  • Moisturizing eye drops.  Keep some on hand just in case.  Even if you don’t have dry eyes, sometimes hard work (or play) can make them feel like you do.
  • Eyeglass cleaner.  Wetting your lenses before wiping them will remove small particles that may cause scratches.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth.  Your premium glare free lenses may also get scratched if you use your shirt, tie, or other inferior cloth.  It’s a common but avoidable mistake.
  • Extra contact lens solution and cases.   Replace your case monthly to avoid infections.  Keep a small amount of solution and a case with you for emergencies, even if you wear daily disposable lenses.  And don’t forget to take your glasses with you wherever you go.
  • Eyeglass cases.  High definition, glare free lenses are an investment that will allow you to see clearly all year long.  Protect each pair with an individual, hard sided case.
  • Eyeglass retainer.  Whether you prefer a strap, necklace, or chain, this item is essential if you don’t wear glasses full time.  If you work or play around the water, make sure it floats (because most glasses won’t).
  • Hygiene products.  There are thousands of hygiene products for your eyes.  Check out this post for my favorite one to keep your eyelids fresh, clean, and comfortable.
  • Safety eyewear.  It’s an accessory, but think of it as a necessity.  One foundational concept when living the visual lifestyle is to make sure you protect your eyes.  Wear safety eyewear when you’re doing anything that may damage your eyes.  And remember a common reason for eye injuries is removing safety glasses before the job is done.

In eye care, accessories can get overlooked.  If you’ve had your eye exam and stocked up on contact lenses and specialty eyewear, you may still get derailed by smaller issues.  Use this list to help you accessorize your eyes this year.

Question: What is your favorite accessory for a hobby or product?  What makes it so great?  Comment here or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

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