How Eye Care Can Make You More Productive

Life Is Easier When Your Vision Doesn’t Distract You

Have you ever stopped what you were doing because of your eyes?  Chances are you have, and if so you’re not alone.  Our eyes are biological wonders, and yet sometimes they just don’t seem to work right or feel right.  Or focus right, for that matter.  And even when they’re working just fine, sometimes we can get distracted thinking about whether the work we’re doing is damaging them.

TiredIt’s not unusual for me to meet patients who, after years of abusing their eyes through work or neglect finally decide it’s time for an eye exam.  Ironically, many of these patients tell me, “I’ve only got one pair of eyes, doc, so I want to take care of them.”  In spite of that thought, they ignore blurry vision, eye strain, discomfort, and even pain for the sake of getting the job done.

Get out of the Holding Pattern

For many people, this pattern can persist for years.  That’s unfortunate when all that’s needed to dramatically improve both the visual problems and productivity is a simple eye exam.  Many of these patients tell me they’ve been concerned for years about the effect their visual demands are having on their vision.  But whether their work is damaging their vision or not, if they’re worried about it, it’s a distraction that’s affecting their productivity.

When discussing this with patients they often protest, “But I can’t change the environment at work.”  I jokingly reply, “I understand.  Most people can’t, especially if they work outside.”  Although that gets a chuckle, it’s serious business: common visual complaints at work include tired or dry eyes, glare, blur, and headaches.  According to the National Headache Foundation, lost production due to headaches alone is estimated to top $17 billion.

Get Help Now

If you’re concerned that your daily routine is damaging your eyes, now is the time to seek help.  This approach has two benefits.  The first is immediate: if there are problems, your eye doctor will be able to solve them.  The second is far reaching: even if your eyes are still working well, it’s a great time to learn habits that will protect and preserve your eyes and vision for the future.  Both benefits provide a valuable boost to your peace of mind and your productivity.

For an example, I have a patient who is a video editor.  He’s concerned with not only resolving his eye strain but also making sure he can do his work properly.  I educated him about the potential dangers of high energy blue light and how to avoid or control them.  Now he can work comfortably, clearly, and with a peace of mind knowing he’s also protecting his eyes for the future.

This is only one example of how a trusted eye doctor can guide you to both  immediate solutions to your current visual lifestyle challenges and offer some insight on protecting and preserving your eyes and vision for the future.  During an exam you can resolve:

  • Visual discomfort or strain
  • Physical discomfort of the eyes
  • Mental distraction, or worrying about whether your work is damaging to your eyes

And learn about:

  • Total light control and its benefits
  • Polarized sunwear (newer designs allow viewing digital screens)
  • Transitions Vantage and other varieties
  • Lens treatments that manage glare or high energy blue light
  • Specialty lenses such as Blutech, also to manage high energy blue light

I never want to imply that improved productivity is the main reason for eye care and living the visual lifestyle.  A lifetime of clear, comfortable vision is reward enough for that.  But there’s no question that removing distractions and improving your working environment increases your productivity.  So although these may be secondary to the primary goal of protecting your eyes and vision, they’re still important for overall productivity and well-being.

Question: have you ever had to stop working because of your eyes?  What happened?  Feel free to comment here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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4 thoughts on “How Eye Care Can Make You More Productive

  1. My vision has gone down in recent yours. I had perfectly fine vision until I was riding my back late at night around the city when I noticed that things were blurry and looking at screens were straining my eyes. When reading about getting out of the holding pattern, I know that I have to do something about my environment. I will have to set a time with my eye doctor to see what I can do to improve my vision and productivity.

    • Mark, thanks for your comment. Your situation reminds me of another facet to living the visual lifestyle: safety. You’re smart to start with your trusted eye doctor, who can help you with your various visual demands. You will be glad you did!

  2. Eyes can drastically improve the quality of your life, but, when they start working less efficiently, they can drastically affect it. My eyes starting getting increasingly blurry, so I decided to schedule an appointment with my optometrist. Thanks for educating the public about maintaining your eyes, Andy. I think it’s very important that we’re keeping up with our health.

    Alex Jennings |

    • Alex, thanks so much for your kind words. You’re doing what I hope to encourage so many people to do: realize vision and eye health is an important subject, and take care of themselves accordingly. Starting with your trusted eye doctor is a wise first step. You won’t regret it!