8 Reasons You Need to Ride the Virginia Creeper Trail

Plan an Easy Day of Outdoor Adventure

It isn’t often you feel like you just lived the perfect day.  I had one of those days last week, riding the Virginia Creeper Trail.

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Rail to Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a nature trail for use by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.  Originally a line for the Virginia-Carolina railway, the trail now boasts nearly 34 miles of gently sloping pathways and breathtaking scenery.

My family and a few friends rented bikes for our trip (although you can bring your own).  Our outfitter, Adventure Damascus, was laid back yet professional.  Our bikes were in great shape, and were loaded on a trailer for us.  We were shuttled to our starting point by a pleasant southern lady who was quick with both encouragement and charm.  We set out on our bikes as soon as they were unloaded.

We then proceeded to have one of the Most Memorable Days Ever.

Honestly, I was surprised.  I love getting outdoors, and I enjoy biking.  But I never imagined the experience would have been as grand as it was.

The Vision Connection

If you’re living the visual lifestyle, you know that taking a break and getting outdoors are two helpful concepts.  Here are 8 reasons you need to try the Virginia Creeper Trail yourself:

It gives you a break.  If you work hard to stay productive, a break is a great way to keep you on track.  See this post to learn more.

It gets you outside.  Like taking a break, getting outside can help you stay productive.  Even if you’re already outside a lot, changing the scenery can really reset your focus.

It stimulates your vision.  The sweeping vistas we saw were incredible.  So much so that I’ll probably take some of my photos and hang them up as art.

It’s something different.  Unless biking is your job, a trip down the Virginia Creeper Trail will be a new experience for you.  In the words of productivity expert Eben Pagan, “Novel experiences renew mental processes and foster thinking and creativity.”

The food is great.  After miles of riding, the quaint atmosphere and home cooking at the Creeper Trail Cafe offer a pleasant rest and a delicious lunch.  If you’re not hungry then, ride on to Damascus, where several eateries are available.

The people are great.  I had a fantastic time with my family and friends.  But the personalities don’t stop there.  Our adventure company employed several helpful and friendly people.  And judging by the map at the cafe, you’re likely to meet people on the trail who are from just about anywhere in the world.

You’ll make great memories.  Riding the trail is an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m sure I’ll do it again soon.

It’s easy.  If you’re thinking miles of biking isn’t for you, the section we rode was almost entirely downhill.  In biking vernacular, this is a beginner trail.  If you can ride a bike at all, you can ride this trail.

If you’re anywhere close to the Virginia Creeper Trail, you owe it to yourself to ride it.  And if you live too far away, don’t worry.  There may be another trail closer to you that you can try.

The point is getting together with family and friends for a unique and beautiful outdoor experience isn’t just good for your vision.  It’s good for the soul.

Question: Have you ever hiked or ridden a trail near you?  How did it go?  Feel free to answer here or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

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