7 Excellent Visual Birthday Gifts Guaranteed to Delight

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t Know What to Give

When it comes to our loved ones, most of us are eager to please.  If that special someone in your life has a birthday coming up, what will you give them this year?

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I’m writing this on my wife’s birthday.  For us, birthdays are a big deal.  It means flowers, cards, dinner, and cake.  There are usually a few gifts to finish the day.

If you’re like me, you like to give clever, unexpected gifts.  My wife does too – one Christmas she gave me orthodontia.  But a gift doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be special.

I can’t give my wife a visual birthday gift (she’s also an accomplished optometrist).  If it’s related to vision, she’s probably already seen it.  Plus, I might look like a heel for giving her something from work.

But maybe you know someone who would really appreciate a visual lifestyle gift.  We all need clear vision and comfortable, healthy eyes.

If you want to surprise someone with a clever, unexpected, and useful gift, consider one of these:

  • Eye exam.  Consider laying the foundation for a great visual lifestyle by giving a comprehensive eye exam with a trusted eye doctor.  It can lead to the other items in the list below.  And, it can offer some peace of mind about eye health and vision, which could be priceless.
  • Premium sunwear.  There are few things as relaxing to the eyes as premium sunglasses.  One patient told me, “When I put on my Maui Jim sunglasses, it’s like my eyes say, ‘ahhh.'”  Premium sunwear is better for both vision and comfort.  It would be a great gift for someone who hasn’t yet experienced the difference.
  • Premium eyewear.  Like sunglasses, the quality of clear glasses varies.  If you know someone who struggles to be productive because they rely on their eyes for their work, a pair of premium eyewear tailored to their specific focusing needs will help.  If their work involves screens, the extra investment in high definition, glare free lenses with blue light protection will make a big difference in their visual lifestyle and their work day.
  • Specialty eyewear.  Do you know someone who is so into his or her hobby they couldn’t possibly own one more piece of gear?  They may have overlooked the visual aspect of their hobby or passion.  At LaFollette Eye Clinic, we’ve made specialty glasses for gardening, shooting, skiing, scuba diving, and even video editing.  If you improve someone’s visual comfort when they’re doing what they love, they’ll enjoy it even more.
  • Contact lenses.  I often see people who are given contacts as a gift.  They are some of my happiest patients after their appointment.  And if you know someone considering illegal over-the-counter colored contacts, save them some misery and help them do it the right way.
  • Corrective surgery.  Although surgery takes a bigger initial investment, it may be the most economical way to correct vision in the long run.  And the payoff is huge – surgery such as LASIK changes lives.  This is especially true for people with strong prescriptions.
  • Spa pack.  What if LASIK is too involved and your special someone already has premium eyewear and sunwear?  An eye spa gift basket may be what you need.  Here are some ideas to help you get started:
    • OCuSOFT foaming eyelid cleanser
    • Systane Ultra moisturizing drops
    • Eyegiene Insta-Warmth System
    • Eyeglass cleaner and microfiber cloth
    • Contact lens cases
    • Eyeglass cases

If someone you know has a birthday coming up, consider improving their visual lifestyle.  It will be an unexpected and useful gift, and you may just change their life for the better.

Question: Have you ever received a clever, unexpected gift?  Tell about it in the comments below.


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