6 Hidden Ways You Can Benefit From Glasses

Clear Vision Is Only the Beginning

You don’t own many things you use every day, and these rare items can be incredibly useful.  But do you know their hidden benefits?  Sometimes they’re just as important, even if you don’t know about them.

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In my last post I gushed over the new iPhone 6s.  I used my older phone all day every day.  So I was surprised at myself for having waited so long to upgrade.

I knew there were benefits I was missing, I just didn’t believe they would make a difference.  When I did upgrade I regretted waiting.  I had missed out on benefits that would have helped me every day.

Applying the Lesson

I always explain to patients the benefits of upgrading their eyewear.  And yet, some people just keep on using their old ones.  Often the reason is “I see well enough” or “I’m not having any problems.”

They also don’t believe the added benefits will make their daily lives better.  But like smart phones, glasses are used every day by millions of people.  Wouldn’t you want something you rely on daily (or at least on a regular basis) to benefit you as much as possible?  Wouldn’t you want more than just clear vision?

You can have more than just clear vision if you know these hidden benefits of updating your glasses:

  • Clearer vision: I know, this one’s a given. But do you know how much clearer your vision could be?  Most people who tell me their vision is “clear enough” could see much more clearly with a lens upgrade.  High definition, glare free lenses are incredibly clear and comfortable.
  • Safety: I have removed all sorts of strange things from eyes – you’d be surprised how much stuff gets in them. Glasses are protective, and shatter resistant lenses are best.  But even standard lenses can keep pollen, dust, and other fine particles out of the eyes.
  • Long term health protection: Certain eyewear can block harmful UV and high energy blue light. If you are going to be wearing glasses, why not protect your eye health for the long term?  You will reduce your chances of developing cataracts and other eye diseases, like macular degeneration.
  • Dryness relief: Millions of people have dry eyes. Air flow makes it worse, so I prescribe slightly larger frames for these patients.  Their glasses act like windshields, keeping their eyes from drying out.
  • Stress relief: With increasing use of digital screens, eye strain is more common than ever. Possibly even epidemic – some recent studies show that as many as 75% of office workers experience digital eye strain symptoms.  In addition to clarity and protection, glasses for this problem provide relaxing comfort and relief.
  • Style: Glasses affect self image and confidence. They’re also an expression of individuality.  Just look at celebrity photos.  Being seen in cool eyewear or sunwear is a trademark look for many people.

Clear vision is only one advantage of new glasses.  But if you don’t know how much more your eyewear can do for you, you may be missing some important benefits that will help you both now and in the future.

Make sure you’re aware of these, and discuss them with your trusted eye doctor.  Not all eyewear is equal, and you want the best for your visual lifestyle.

Question: What bothers you most about your eyes – is it blurry vision or something else?  Pleas comment here or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

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13 thoughts on “6 Hidden Ways You Can Benefit From Glasses

  1. I have glasses and I didn’t know that they help with dry eye. I am glad that I have a clearer vision because that was the main reason why I got them in the first place. I have noticed that I get headaches all the time. I wonder if it is for not wearing my glasses at work. I normally don’t wear them because I am near the screen all the time.

    • Hi Charles, congrats on your clearer vision, I’m glad to hear about that.

      As far as headaches, many are not due to your eyes, but your eye doctor is a good place to start. If he or she believes they’re due to your eyes, then there may be a solution. And if your eyes are not the cause, it’s time to visit your family doctor for help.

      Interestingly, even people with great vision can benefit from a dedicated pair of computer glasses. Not only can they reduce eye strain (sometimes a cause of headaches) but they can also protect your eyes from high energy blue light. If computers are your work life, consider a specialty pair just for the computer (I’m wearing mine right now). Again, your eye doctor may help you with this prescription. For more info, here’s a good post about high energy blue light:


      Thanks for reading, best to you! Dr. Andy

  2. I’ve avoided getting glasses for as long as I can remember. My vision isn’t perfect, but it’s been good enough. Now that I’m considered an old man, my eyesight is slipping away from me and I think it’s time I look into getting prescription glasses so I can see. Your point about also getting dryness relief from wearing glasses makes me okay with wearing them now! I didn’t realize how dry my eyes got, but if glasses can help, I’ll wear them!

    • Hi Finn, you’re headed in the right direction. Find yourself an eye doctor you trust, and you’ll likely get solutions for both your vision and your dry eyes. Best to you and thanks for reading!

  3. In your article, you stated that most people who tell me their vision is “clear enough” could see much more clearly with a lens upgrade. My daughter came home from school today very frustrated because she wasn’t about to see the board in her classroom. Are there certain types of glasses that might be better for kids to have?

    • Hi Derek, This is a great question. The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is that the type depends on the prescription. Just like adults, kids have a wide range of prescriptions. Some are mild, and some are strong. Some are “single vision” (one lens for all distances) and some are progressives. And like anything else, some do the job better than others. So you’ll need to consult your trusted eye care practitioner for your daughter’s specific needs. A few pointers though: one, I do prescribe shatter resistant lenses for all children, for safety’s sake. And two, your daughter may need another eye exam, even if it’s been less than a year. I have seen child’s vision change dramatically in as few as six weeks. This even happened to my own daughter! Kudos to you for taking care of your daughter’s visual lifestyle. Thanks for reading! Dr. Andy

  4. I have seen in shops, there are glasses that double as safety glasses. This is why I agree with the article that having even just standard glasses can protect your eyes from everyday dust and particulates. It would be a great idea to get some glasses if you suffer from dust allergies.

  5. Wow I never thought that eyeglasses could have benefits in addition to clearer vision. I remember the first time I got glasses I was amazed by how crisp everything was. Eyeglasses definitely have seemed to increase in style in the last few years.

    • Leviticus, Eyewear can benefit many people in many ways, from vision and fashion to health and comfort. And yes, the styles are changing in a good way! Thanks for your comment!

  6. I didn’t think about the fact that glasses could actually protect your eyes from a lot of debris. I have been considering getting glasses to help with my declining vision. I like the idea that they will help me see better, and also protect my eyes from any further damage.

  7. I hadn’t realize that good prescription glasses could help reduce your levels of stress. It’s important that you feel like your vision is a benefit to you and not burdening you at work. Plus, if you keep your prescription updated on your glasses, it will be easier to adjust to the new prescription and see comfortably again.

  8. I had never thought of glasses acting like windshields to help people who have dry eyes. I have a daughter who is having a hard time seeing and will probably need glasses. She has had a history of dry eyes so maybe we’ll have to talk to an eye doctor about getting larger frames for her if she would want them anyway.

  9. I have a friend who has been having some problems with his vision and has been considering on getting glasses to help him improve his eyesight. It’s great that you elaborated on how glasses are protective and can keep annoying particles from getting into the eyes. My friend has always been complaining about pollen getting into his eyes, so he’ll be happy to know that glasses can help him keep it out.