5 Great Ways You Know Your Eye Doctor Is on Your Side

(Hint: He or She Probably Is)

I write a lot about your relationship with your trusted eye doctor.  It’s the foundation of living the visual lifestyle.  But how do you build that trust?

Walking 2

Who is walking your visual and health journey with you?

I was talking with an out-of-town friend when he told me his eye doctor recommended he get LASIK refractive surgery.  He was surprised at that.

When I asked why, he replied, “Well, if I get LASIK, won’t my eye doctor lose all the money I spend on glasses and contact lenses?”

“Maybe so,” I told him, “but that’s how you know he’s on your side.”

Whose Side?

Is your eye doctor on your side?  Chances are the answer is yes.  I have worked with dozens of eye doctors and encountered hundreds in my two decades of practice.  I have met very few who don’t have a real desire to do their best for their patients.

Your eye doctor may have other concerns, like patient scheduling, new technology, and industry regulations.  And if they’re independent, there’s more: profit and loss statements, taxes, PR, and expenses.  The list could go on.  Ideally, you want your eye doctor to be concerned about all these things.  It’s what makes your favorite eye clinic thrive in your town.

But you should come first.

Ultimately, you won’t trust your eye doctor if you think they are acting in their own best interests instead of yours.  Here is how you can know your eye doctor is on your side:

He recommends surgery.  Whether it’s for LASIK or cataracts, this may mean he won’t be selling you glasses or contact lenses any more.  If your doctor’s goal is to change your visual lifestyle for the better, he shouldn’t mind.

She answers your questions.  Your eyes and vision are biological wonders.  They are very complex, and caring for them can get confusing.  I’m surprised and sometimes disappointed at how few patients ask questions.  When they do, I’m always happy to answer them.

He explains testing.  At LaFollette Eye Clinic, we do a lot of medical testing.  We see many patients with serious eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Today’s technology allows us to diagnose and treat these diseases earlier and more effectively than ever before.  So we’re not shy about using it.  But we also make sure our patients know why they are receiving testing, and what it means for their eye health and vision.  If you receive extra testing at your eye doctor, chances are you will receive a good explanation.

She surrounds herself with people like her.  Here’s what I mean: if your eye doctor is passionate about caring for you, she will attract others who share her passion.  From receptionists to paraoptometrics to opticians, her office will be filled with people who care about your visual lifestyle.  You’ll know this is so by the way they interact with each other and with you.

He will surprise you.  Most people think their eye exam is about just their eyes and their vision.  So they are surprised when their eye doctor talks about unusual topics.  Knowing you better will help him understand you, so he may ask mention some unexpected topics:

If clear vision and healthy eyes for life is a goal you share with your eye doctor, you are sure to build a good relationship and have a visual partner on your side.

Question: Think of someone you trust.  What makes them so trustworthy?  Please leave a comment below.

5 Reasons the Visual Lifestyle Is the Perfect Gift

(Even for the Person Who Has Everything)

Do you know someone who is difficult to buy for?  If so, don’t worry.  There are still great gift ideas, even if they are a bit choosy or seem to have everything.


A Crafting Conundrum

Years ago I had a friend who crafted with leather.  He could make a lot of interesting stuff, including an amazing walking stick made out of small leather discs stacked one on top of another.  I was always impressed with his work.  He had one challenge – he was always running out of leather.

As it happened, I had a complete hide of tanned, Italian leather stored at my house.  When I was invited to his house one Christmas season, I brought the hide and gave it to him.  I knew he would enjoy it, and I liked seeing his art work.  He was incredibly grateful.

Is there someone you know who would appreciate a personal gift?  In a consumer oriented society obsessed with the latest gadgets, gimmicks, and sales, a thoughtful gift stands out in a good way.

The Gift of Vision Is Always in Style

In my last post, I listed a number of great visual lifestyle gifts and the reasons they work so well.  Today I’ll explain why giving vision is such a great idea.

Here are 5 reasons giving a visual lifestyle gift is sure to please even the most choosy people:

  • It shows them you care.  When you take the time to understand someone enough to give the gift of vision, it shows you’re really interested.  Once my wife and I brought gifts to a single mother who was struggling.  We brought food and presents for her children.  But when she realized we brought her new eyeglasses she cried, because it was a personal gift just for her.
  • It can make them more productive.  Studies show that we waste a lot of time dealing with blurry vision and uncomfortable eyes.  Whether they’re a teacher watching over a classroom or an entrepreneur poring over computer data, they’re sure to appreciate comfortably clear vision as they work.
  • It can give them peace of mind.  Blindness or loss of vision is high on the list of our greatest health fears.  It shouldn’t be.  There are real steps one can take to overcome that fear, and a complete eye examination with dilating drops is one of them.  If they get a good result, you’ve given them peace of mind.  If a problem is discovered you’ve still done them a favor, because problems discovered earlier are easier to treat.
  • It can help them enjoy their hobby or passion even more.  I had a friend who thanked me for his vision because he could see the mountains he loved much more clearly.  I also had a patient tell me I changed her life because the polarized sunglasses I prescribed her allowed her to overcome light sensitivity and enjoy gardening all day.  Does your special someone have a hobby or passion?  Help them enjoy it more with specialized glasses or contact lenses.
  • It can help them live a healthier life.  For some people, vision is the key to living a healthier life.  They may not be motivated to change an unhealthy lifestyle until they realize how it affects their vision.  The lifestyle that supports clear vision and healthy eyes is also a healthy lifestyle in general.  So introducing them to living the visual lifestyle may just make them healthier in the future.

You may have someone in your life who is hard to please, or simply appears to have everything they need.  If so, don’t overlook the possibility of giving them a visual lifestyle gift.  You might just change their vision – and their life – for the better.

Question: Have you ever received a health-related gift?  Tell about it in the comments below.

7 Excellent Visual Birthday Gifts Guaranteed to Delight

What to Give When You Don’Author’s note: I receive no financial compensation for recommending products.  I write about them because I believe they work.
t Know What to Give

When it comes to our loved ones, most of us are eager to please.  If that special someone in your life has a birthday coming up, what will you give them this year?

Presents 3

I’m writing this on my wife’s birthday.  For us, birthdays are a big deal.  It means flowers, cards, dinner, and cake.  There are usually a few gifts to finish the day.

If you’re like me, you like to give clever, unexpected gifts.  My wife does too – one Christmas she gave me orthodontia.  But a gift doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be special.

I can’t give my wife a visual birthday gift (she’s also an accomplished optometrist).  If it’s related to vision, she’s probably already seen it.  Plus, I might look like a heel for giving her something from work.

But maybe you know someone who would really appreciate a visual lifestyle gift.  We all need clear vision and comfortable, healthy eyes.

If you want to surprise someone with a clever, unexpected, and useful gift, consider one of these:

  • Eye exam.  Consider laying the foundation for a great visual lifestyle by giving a comprehensive eye exam with a trusted eye doctor.  It can lead to the other items in the list below.  And, it can offer some peace of mind about eye health and vision, which could be priceless.
  • Premium sunwear.  There are few things as relaxing to the eyes as premium sunglasses.  One patient told me, “When I put on my Maui Jim sunglasses, it’s like my eyes say, ‘ahhh.'”  Premium sunwear is better for both vision and comfort.  It would be a great gift for someone who hasn’t yet experienced the difference.
  • Premium eyewear.  Like sunglasses, the quality of clear glasses varies.  If you know someone who struggles to be productive because they rely on their eyes for their work, a pair of premium eyewear tailored to their specific focusing needs will help.  If their work involves screens, the extra investment in high definition, glare free lenses with blue light protection will make a big difference in their visual lifestyle and their work day.
  • Specialty eyewear.  Do you know someone who is so into his or her hobby they couldn’t possibly own one more piece of gear?  They may have overlooked the visual aspect of their hobby or passion.  At LaFollette Eye Clinic, we’ve made specialty glasses for gardening, shooting, skiing, scuba diving, and even video editing.  If you improve someone’s visual comfort when they’re doing what they love, they’ll enjoy it even more.
  • Contact lenses.  I often see people who are given contacts as a gift.  They are some of my happiest patients after their appointment.  And if you know someone considering illegal over-the-counter colored contacts, save them some misery and help them do it the right way.
  • Corrective surgery.  Although surgery takes a bigger initial investment, it may be the most economical way to correct vision in the long run.  And the payoff is huge – surgery such as LASIK changes lives.  This is especially true for people with strong prescriptions.
  • Spa pack.  What if LASIK is too involved and your special someone already has premium eyewear and sunwear?  An eye spa gift basket may be what you need.  Here are some ideas to help you get started:
    • OCuSOFT foaming eyelid cleanser
    • Systane Ultra moisturizing drops
    • Eyegiene Insta-Warmth System
    • Eyeglass cleaner and microfiber cloth
    • Contact lens cases
    • Eyeglass cases

If someone you know has a birthday coming up, consider improving their visual lifestyle.  It will be an unexpected and useful gift, and you may just change their life for the better.

Question: Have you ever received a clever, unexpected gift?  Tell about it in the comments below.


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