8 Sensational Holiday Light Destinations You Need to See

Each Has a Unique Twist

With the Christmas Season in full swing, you may be thinking about making your holiday traditions happen.  If you’re like me, a trip to see holiday lights is a must.  But where do you get the most bang for your buck?

Christmas 1

Bigger and Brighter

Like many other things, holiday light displays are having to get bigger, better, and brighter to impress us.  It’s easy to think we’ve seen it all.  For example, my own neighborhood now has more lights than my entire town did when I was a kid.

So when you plan a trip to see holiday lights, you want a fabulous experience.  If that describes you, don’t worry.  There are still places you can see amazing holiday light displays.  Just make sure you can see them clearly before you go.

Still Ways to Amaze


5 Excellent Vision Charities That Deserve Your Support

Giving the Gift of Sight is Easier Than Ever

Most people agree that vision is the one sense they wouldn’t want to lose.  Yet millions of people around the world live without sight every day.  Many of these people just don’t have access to the care they need.  But you can help.


Different Ways to Give

In my last post I listed ways you could give someone the gift of sight this holiday season.  But what if you’ve searched and can’t find someone in need?  As unlikely as that sounds, it’s possible.  That’s where organized vision charities can help.  They can make sure your donation goes to people who need it most.

Sadly, most of the world’s vision impairment exists because people don’t have access to eye care or glasses.  Another serious problem is the abundance of cataracts in the world.  Although surgery is easy, fast, and affordable, millions have no way to get it.  And, there are dozens of other reasons people in the world live without sight every day.

If you’re like me, that may surprise and disappoint you.  It’s not unusual for us to take vision for granted.  That is, until we discover how many people in the world are forced to live without it.

Help a Charity Help Someone Else


5 Ways You Can Give the Gift of Vision

It’s Easier Than You Think

It’s natural to think about giving this time of year.  At LaFollette Eye Clinic, we see several people every holiday season who have been gifted with sight.  Do you know someone who could use the gift of clear vision?


A Holiday Surprise

Several years ago, I received orthodontia as a surprise.  That’s right – I got braces for Christmas.  Sure, I had been talking about getting them for some time.  But I just hadn’t done it yet.  As it turns out, it was one of the best gifts I have received.  Better yet, my orthodontist and his staff were really excited to make this happen for me.

I know there are a lot of vision charities out there.  And, it would be pretty easy to visit one of their websites and click to make a donation.  While that’s good, is there someone closer to you that has a more immediate visual need?

Think About It

Do you know someone who would appreciate the gift of better vision?  It may be someone who has talked about needing an eye exam or new glasses.  Or, you may know someone who has a need even if they haven’t expressed it openly.

Either way, it’s easier to give the gift of clear vision than you think.

Here are 5 ways you might give the gift of better vision this holiday season:

Give a new pair of glasses.  We receive a lot of gift requests in The Eyewear Gallery. Sometimes the recipient knows the giver, but not always.  Either way, a new pair of glasses can really improve someone’s visual lifestyle.

Give an eye exam.  This is common too, and very important.  A comprehensive eye examination with an eye doctor you trust is the foundation of good eye health and clear vision.  I see several patients each holiday season whose exams are gifts from someone else. Giving someone a ride to their exam is another great way to get involved.

Give contact lenses.  This year I had a young, athletic boy whose teammates bought him an exam and contacts.  His parents agreed, because his glasses kept falling off at sporting events.  He was excited to receive such a gift.

Give a gift card or certificate.  Like my orthodontist and his team, you may find that your local eye care professionals are happy to help you give such a meaningful gift.  Even if they don’t gift cards, they can usually add credit to your recipient’s account.

Give accessories.  Accessorizing someone’s visual lifestyle is a sure way to help them see more clearly and improve their visual lifestyle.  Choose items like microfiber cleaning cloths, spray cleaners, cases for sunglasses, or a supply of colorful contact lens cases.  These items should be available at your favorite eye clinic.

As you can see, it’s easy to give the meaningful gift of sight this holiday season.  Now, think about someone you know who might appreciate such a gift.  Is there something you can do for them this holiday season?

Question: Have you ever received a meaningful lifestyle gift?  Tell about it here or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.