Learn This One Secret to Being Thankful

How Is Gratitude Related to Good Vision?

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the good things.  Counting your blessings is one way to inspire a grateful heart.  And, it’s not a stretch to associate Thanksgiving with your vision, because gratitude has always been a key concept of living the visual lifestyle.


Being Thankful Makes Life Better

In my decades as an optometrist, I have noticed that the most thankful patients tend to be older.  That’s not to say I don’t have grateful patients – they nearly all are.  But what I mean is that my older patients seem to be the most thankful about their vision.

And here’s something even more interesting: they’re thankful even if their vision is poor.

How can this be?  Certainly, the wisdom of the years has something to do with it.  I enjoy asking my older patients whether they thought they’d live so long, and the answer has always been “no.”  It’s always said with a smile and with grace.  And, they answer in a way I know they’ve really thought about that question before.  So, just being around makes them thankful in a way younger people may have trouble understanding.

The Secret Revealed

But here’s another reason: almost everyone who has lost some vision still has some left. Sure, it might be easy for them to focus on what they don’t have.  But I have so many older patients who have learned this incredibly valuable secret:

It’s more important to focus on what we do have.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you’ve learned that secret too.

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6 Absolutely Essential Questions for Better Vision (and Life)

Answer These Tough But Important Questions

The eye care team at LaFollette Eye Clinic is still excited about our recent national recognition.  We were named one of America’s Finest Optical Retailers, and we also placed in the 2015 Office Design Contest.  It didn’t come easy – much of what we’ve achieved was years in the making.  But if you follow our footsteps to craft your own visual lifestyle, it won’t take nearly as long.


Who Are You?

When we began our journey, we asked some hard questions.  Deep ones.  At first glance, it seemed they had nothing to do with our new building.  Here are some of them:

“Why do we exist?”

“How do we behave?”

“What do we do?”

If you’re trying to create or improve your own visual lifestyle, this is a vital first step.  It may seem a bit odd and not entirely related to how clearly you see.  But knowing who you are and establishing your core values helps you make a lot of life’s decisions.  And not just decisions about your eyes and vision.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Who am I? Take some time to reflect on what type of person you are.
  • Who do I want to be? If you’re not happy with your answer to the first question, answering this one will help you establish your future course.
  • Why am I here? Don’t make this one complicated.  It could be as simple as doing well at your job, being a good spouse or parent, or serving your community.
  • How do I want my life to count? Again, if you’re not happy with the answer to the previous question (or you don’t know the answer), exploring this one can help.
  • What are my values? What are your non-negotiables?  Honesty?  Charity?  Service?  Spreading love and good cheer?  Hard work?  This one may take some time, but is well worth it.
  • What am I most passionate about? Your passions can help you discover your values.  If you’re not sure, ask yourself what you liked to play as a child.  What excited you back then?
Narrowing Your Focus

After you’ve spent some time with the questions above, you’re ready to narrow it down.  No matter your goal, you need an objective.  In this case, it’s about ensuring clear vision for life.  So, your objective might look something like this:

My goal is to establish my visual lifestyle, so I can have a better chance of having clear, comfortable vision for a lifetime.

Choosing Motivation

Next, you’ll need a “why.”  That is, you need some reasons to make this happen.  Without them, it’s too easy to give up or forget.  Here are some examples:

The people who depend on you.

Living a productive life.

Enjoying nature.

Learning a hobby.

Spend some time thinking about why it’s important for you to maintain comfortably clear vision for life.  You will need your answers when you’re trying to get it all done, especially if you run into a few snags along the way.

If you can answer the questions, establish an objective, and create a “why,” you are well on your way to living the visual lifestyle.  Next week, I’ll finish this series by revealing some design secrets we used that you can apply directly to establishing your own visual lifestyle.

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LaFollette Eye Clinic Honored With National Design Award

Second Runner Up Nationwide

LaFollette Eye Clinic and The Eyewear Gallery was named Second Runner Up in Review of Optometry’s 2015 Office Design Contest.  It’s a special designation because each judge in this year’s contest is an optometrist too.

Front Spring

It’s an honor to be included.  The other winners are amazing doctors that run some of the best eye clinics in the country.  And it’s not our first time – earlier this year LaFollette Eye Clinic was named to INVISION Magazine’s list of Finest Optical Retailers in America.  For that story, click here.  In a way, the recognition we’ve received validates the long years it took to see the project through.

It’s important and encouraging to receive recognition from your peers.  In fact, it’s a major reason working with others is so helpful and productive.

But while recognition is nice, it’s not why we built the new facility.  We built it for our patients, our community, and our incredible team of eye care professionals.  I am quoted as saying so in the article, which can be found here.

It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the good people of our county, and we’re excited to do so in our new location.  And it’s a real blessing to see how our community feels about us.  Patients are showing us with their feet, because they’re walking through our doors in droves.

That being said, here are some really nice things the judges said about LaFollette Eye Clinic and The Eyewear Gallery:

  • “The color palette of bright blues, oranges and greens adds life throughout the space.”
  • “This practice has a lot of presence—great curbside appeal with the inside having an open, bright and airy feel to it.”
  • “The owners have put a lot of thought into maximizing efficiencies and improving the patient’s experience.”

For the entire story about the 2015 Office Design Contest, visit Review of Optometry here. Make sure you check out the other two winners – their offices also redefine what you should expect when you visit your eye doctor.

And stay tuned for my next post.  I’ll explain how you can use the design concepts from all three contest winners to design your own visual lifestyle.

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