Telepathy One Competes With Google Glass

Uncertain Wearable Computing Market Gets More Players

According to tech website Gizmodo, Google Glass is seeing competition before it’s even released.  Japanese tech entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi has announced his version of wearable computing called Telepathy One to compete with Google Glass, set to release later this year.  Google Glass was revealed last year and we featured a post about it.

The announcement and prototype were revealed at South By Southwest and through other media outlets.  Telepathy One connects to the user’s smartphone via bluetooth, and data can be shared between the two devices.

Like Google Glass, Iguchi promises the Telepathy One will provide a distraction free experience.  Neither specific technical details nor pricing have been released.

As with Google Glass, the eye doctors and professional staff at LaFollette Eye Clinic remain concerned about the level of distraction the Telepathy One will cause, especially if worn while driving; the devices almost assuredly will be.  Also, how much vision will be affected by the devices blocking the field of view?  And, we wonder whether the market is ready for wearable tech, as bluetooth headsets never broke into the mainstream.

Time will tell.  If you have a comment we’d love to hear from you.