Bionic Eye Closer to Reality

On January 28th, the Wall Street Journal reported that a bionic eye being developed by Second Sight Medical Products Inc. is close to receiving FDA approval.  The bionic eye, called the Argus II, is expected to be most useful for people with a rare retinal disease called retinitis pigmentosa.  Others with severe macular degeneration may also benefit from the technology.

The Argus II restores vision using a retinal prosthesis to bypass damaged retinal nerves.  It receives information from a video camera mounted in a pair of eyeglasses.  Users will only see black and white images, although researchers are hoping to add greater detail and color images in the future.

The doctors at LaFollette Eye Clinic find this new information exciting, as we have seen the difficulties these devastating eye diseases can cause.

Here’s a video by WSJ that explains the Argus II in depth: