No Such Thing as a Bad Hair Day

There's no such thing as a bad hair day!

There’s no such thing as a bad hair day!

Meet Roxanne. I had the pleasure of hearing her story last week. I think you’ll find it interesting.

Roxanne works in an industrial paint booth. Earlier on the day I met her, there was an accident in the booth. It seems a paint canister became highly pressurized, and it exploded paint all over Roxanne and her coworker. Fortunately, Roxanne was wearing her safety eyewear. Unfortunately, it was her only pair of glasses. Subsequent attempts to remove the paint only fogged up the lenses, obscuring her vision. Hence my meeting her.

She was still wearing her (now completely silver) cap when I saw her for the first time, and when she removed it I noticed her neatly shaven head, complete with a mohawk. “When I woke up this morning, I had hair like hers,” she said, referring to one of our Certified Paraoptometrics. Her hair was well below shoulder length. Roxanne had been forced to shave her head due to the massive volume of paint that had coated her hair!

Interestingly, Roxanne was in a fantastic mood. Here she was, no glasses and very little hair, making my day better with her attitude. Another staff member at LaFollette Eye Clinic noted that if she had to shave her head she’d be curled up in a corner weeping. So why was Roxanne so happy?

I’ve learned the best way to get the answer to a question is to ask it, so I did: “How on earth are you not more upset about what’s happened today?”

“It’s just hair,” she said. “I’m ok and my partner is ok, neither of us got hurt. The equipment can be replaced, and I still have my job. Besides, I’ve had hair this short before.”

Taking the bait, I asked why. And it turns out Roxanne was a member of the 101st Airborne out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. That’s right. Before she was dodging exploding paint canisters she was jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for the United States Army. Where, she informed me, “there is no whining.” No wonder she was in such a good mood!

I thanked her profusely for making my day. Not because she is a woman with a mohawk, but because she displayed such a thankful attitude on a day most of us would write off as one of our worst. Thanks again, Roxanne. I never know when I’ll learn a life lesson, but it seems you taught me a valuable one.

Smart Contact Lenses

Yesterday’s post featured a video that demonstrated the capabilities of the iOptik contact lens. Specifically, it showed the ability of a lens to simultaneously focus on both extreme distance and near objects. The idea is to use such a lens to allow wearers to view multimedia displays inside their eyewear.

Today’s video features contact lenses used in a slightly different way. It’s no surprise that contacts with embedded circuitry are being developed, and the video shows a few uses already in the works. One type of lens can monitor the eye pressure of people with glaucoma. Another can monitor the blood sugar of people with diabetes. Still others can slowly dispense medicine and even allow wearers to view multimedia displays right before their eyes.

The eye doctors and staff at LaFollette Eye Clinic look forward to the day when contact lenses do so much more for the vision and health of our patients. Thanks to the Pittsburgh affiliate of CBS for the video. There’s a commercial, but the video’s worth the wait:

iOptik Contact Lens Demo

Here’s an interesting video by Innovega, the makers of the iOptik contact lens. The demo shows how it is possible for a single lens to simultaneously focus at a far distance and an extremely close distance.

So what’s the point? This technology is being developed so wearers of the contact lenses can put on electronic eyewear that contains multimedia screens and enjoy hands free operation. Obviously you would not use this system while driving as it would obscure vision. But we highly discourage using any multimedia while driving anyway.

Of the many proposed uses of electronic glasses this is one the eye doctors and staff at LaFollette Eye Clinic feel has many potential uses. Enjoy the video: