The Best Part of Cataract Surgery

Tears of Joy for One Patient After Cataract Surgery

We like to imagine we know why we’re here. The eye doctors and staff at LaFollette Eye Clinic abide by a strict code of ethics, we work hard to provide our patients with the latest technology, and we’re careful to uphold our reputation for legendary customer service. We regularly review our mission statement, which is to provide our patients with the highest quality eye care available anywhere.

And yet, sometimes even the most experienced professionals are taken by surprise. Sure, every optometrist has seen his or her share of success stories. But every now and then one comes along that is so profoundly moving it stops us in our tracks and reminds us why we’re really here.

We experienced such a story last week.

Tom Browning, M.D. had performed cataract surgery for several patients and we were assisting with their postoperative care. One of our Certified Paraoptometrics helped a patient to an exam room. The patient’s wife also helped, as the patient was wearing a patch over the eye that had surgery and could only see shadows out of the other eye. The patient’s wife mentioned that he has only been able to see shadows for the past two years, and they were excited to see whether the surgery had changed their lives.

Once the patient was seated, the Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) removed the patch. The patient immediately looked at his wife and exclaimed her name with happiness. He was seeing his wife clearly for the first time in two years! His wife stood to her feet and jumped for joy, with tears streaming down her face. Both husband and wife hugged, cried, and thanked God for the successful cataract surgery and his restored vision.

The patient’s wife explained to her husband that she would no longer have to describe the scene when they took a trip to the lake; he would be able to see it himself. At this, the CPO was overwhelmed; she also began to cry tears of joy with them. She also thanked God for enabling men to change lives, and for being a part of it.

The patient and his wife thanked us repeatedly for all we had done. They claimed this would be the best Thanksgiving they had ever had. They left LaFollette Eye Clinic incredibly happy, and they left a deep impression on the CPO that helped them, as well as on all of us.

It was a wonderful way to begin a season that all too often is disrupted by commercialism and conflict. It was a gentle reminder that behind every pair of eyes is a person, each with his or her own hopes and dreams. It was affirmation that we are doing exactly as we should: performing at our highest level, caring for others, and doing the best job we possibly can, one patient at a time.

And, we’re incredibly thankful for having been reminded of that.

Almost Half of Eyeglasses Ordered Online Fail Specifications

Online Glasses Sales May Put Wearers at Risk

Impact resistance requirements are extremely important for lenses worn so close to the eyes

Impact resistance requirements are extremely important for lenses worn so close to the eyes

An article in the AOA News reports a 44.8% overall failure rate for glasses ordered online. The most common failures were incorrect prescription and failure to meet minimum impact resistance safety standards. Researchers ordered a total 154 pairs of spectacles from ten of the nation’s most popular online glasses sales websites.

Some interesting findings:

More than one in five pairs of glasses ordered online did not arrive as ordered, with either added or omitted options.

More than one in four (28.6%) pairs of eyeglasses ordered online had the incorrect prescription in one or both lenses.

22.7% of glasses ordered online had one lens or both lenses fail FDA impact resistance requirements.

This failure rate is unprecedented in the eyewear industry. Traditionally, these types of problems with eyewear were rare since eyewear production facilities and vision care practices employed multiple level product inspections and careful verification of eyeglasses before dispensing. However, due to online glasses sales, the failure rate is rapidly rising.

Also, proper eyewear fitting and adjustment by a professional can eliminate numerous additional problems, which is an important topic not addressed by the study.

Fortunately, you can still be assured your eyewear is just as you ordered and exactly as prescribed by your eye doctor. LaFollette Eye Clinic not only has its own production facility to ensure high quality eyewear, but also our multiple point inspection system provides eyewear exactly as ordered.

Add to that our legendary customer service and eyewear guarantee, and you have an experience and eyewear that cannot possibly duplicated online.

LaFollette Eye Clinic Open House

LaFollette Eye Clinic Fall Designer Eyewear Sneak Preview is Underway

It doesn’t happen often – once per year – but when it does, it’s a day to remember!

The eye care team is waiting to help you find that perfect frame, and our designer suppliers have returned with the same incredible offer: half off any of their frames with the purchase of lenses. The eye doctors at LaFollette Eye Clinic are happy to provide eye examinations during this special day as well. But call soon, our friends will be here for this great offer today only.

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