Patients Speak: It’s All About Vision!

The Landmark NSIGHT Study Reveals Surprising Facts About What Patients Want for Their Eyes

The results of some unique research known as the NSIGHT Study (Needs, Symptoms, Incidence, Global Eye Health Trends) have recently been released and the findings are quite interesting.

The study, supported by Bausch and Lomb, attempted to answer the question, “What do patients want?” A complex online survey was administered to vision corrected patients around the globe. Several categories were evaluated, creating a hierarchy of needs for eight major categories and 40 minor categories. In addition to ranking these categories in order, the categories also received scores that labeled them “high importance,” “medium importance,” and “low importance.”

This graph clearly shows that vision is highly important to patients

This graph clearly shows that vision is highly important to patients

You can see from the graph that Vision is the top category. This means vision is the most important factor for patients when they choose products for their eyes. While this is not much of a surprise, the rankings of some of the other categories raised more than one eyebrow here at LaFollette Eye Clinic.

First, you will notice that the categories are separated by color. These are to identify the high, medium, and low importance categories. Interestingly enough, vision was the only category considered important enough to be in the high category, so it’s in a league of its own. Health, Environment, and Eye Condition are all somewhat important to the survey group, landing those categories in the “medium importance” range.

The surprise comes when the “low importance” categories are reviewed. The ones that seem most personal are also the least important to survey responders. The scores for Convenience and Comfort, while low, almost qualify for “medium importance,” but not quite. The bottom two categories were the biggest surprise of all. When choosing products for their eyes, respondents indicated that Personal Performance and Personal Appearance were of lowest importance, and Personal Appearance was dead last.

When adjusted for U.S. respondents only, Vision was more than eight times as important to patients as Personal Appearance. Eight times! Given these results, it’s surprising The Eyewear Gallery has any mirrors in it at all. What’s the point? As long as vision is clear and the eyes are healthy, appearance doesn’t seem to matter. Well, almost.

Information like this is incredibly helpful to eye care professionals. After all, we must know our patients’ wants and needs before we can fulfill them. But beyond that, understanding the category rankings allows us to personalize our educational programs and visual solutions for patients based on their preferences. We can now do that thanks to some incredible software, featured in a previous post. Additionally, we can use this new software to demonstrate how lenses and eye conditions affect – you guessed it – vision. And we can focus our efforts towards providing our patients with the clearest, healthiest, most comfortable vision possible.

But don’t worry. We’ll still make sure you look fabulous.

And now, what do you think? Are the survey results spot on, or have they missed the mark?

Proudly Announcing Your New Patient Education Center

Introducing Eyemaginations Patient Education Software

Welcome to your new Patient Education Center

Welcome to your new Patient Education Center

We’re very excited to announce the addition of a new Patient Education Center. And, we’ve added Eyemaginations patient education software to our arsenal of patient education tools. At LaFollette Eye Clinic we understand many people learn visually; our new Patient Education Center and Eyemaginations have the potential to fill the possible gap between a doctor’s explanation and a patient’s understanding.

Part of the experience we strive to provide our patients is a thorough understanding of what just happened during an eye exam, as well as what it means for the future of a patient’s eye health, vision, and visual lifestyle. Without that understanding, questions may remain. Problems may go unsolved. And the eye care experience is compromised, if for no other reason than simple misunderstanding.

We intend to change all that, and we’ve partnered with the Eyemaginations company to do so. Here’s a quote from their website: “At Eyemaginations, we are focused on helping to facilitate the conversations that occur thousands of times each day among doctors, patients, and family members. Our goal is to help the healthcare community simplify complex topics. These topics might range from disease summaries to treatment options to post-op instructions. Regardless of the medical specialty, we know one thing is clear. Better patient education leads to better patient experiences.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we built the new Patient Education Center. We’ve also installed Eyemaginations on every exam room computer (nine and counting) and in the lobby. We’ve even added a sample of the educational videos to the “learn about your eyes” section of our website. Click here for a demo. We want our patients to fully understand everything we know about their eye health, vision, and visual lifestyles.

We love to answer your questions. It’s why we’re here. So come with as many as you like and we’ll help you sort them out. With the new Patient Education Center and Eyemaginations, we have hundreds of slides, videos, and charts from which to choose personalized answers just for you.

Ophthonix Serves Up iZon High Resolution Lenses

LaFollette Eye Clinic on the Receiving End of Great Customer Service From Ophthonix Regional Manager

Dr. Andy and Laura Ammarell, Ophthonix Regional Manager

Dr. Andy and Laura Ammarell, Ophthonix Regional Manager

Last week the doctors and staff at LaFollette Eye Clinic had the opportunity to meet with Laura Ammarell, our regional manager with Ophthonix, the company behind the iZon High Resolution Lenses. It was a treat for everyone involved.

Laura did not simply stop by to provide lunch or sell product, as many vendors do. Instead, she leveraged her time in our office and got to work. She met with three distinct teams. She discussed the technical aspects of the remarkable iZon high definition lens with our doctors. She also assisted training our paraoptometrics to make the best use of the Z-View Aberrometer. This technology creates the iPrint, which is the personalized measure of aberrations (distortion) unique to each individual. Laura then reviewed real world benefits for patients with the team in The Eyewear Gallery.

What’s the big deal, you may ask? Like you, we experience different levels of customer service day in and day out. And when you’re as focused on delivering legendary customer service as we are it’s easy to spot the companies that deliver, and those that are cutting corners. All too often it’s the latter. So it’s not only refreshing to receive the same great service we try to provide for every patient, it’s also important because Laura has taught us a valuable lesson in customer service that we plan on applying the next time you visit.

Laura’s visit to our clinic was purpose-driven. We strive to sell lenses that provide excellent vision, and she knows that. So she took the time to educate us about high definition vision. By the same token, we know you trust us to provide you with clear, comfortable vision. So now we can and will take the time to educate you and help you achieve that.

The next time you visit, find out if you’re a candidate for iZon high definition lenses. You may be one step closer to seeing more clearly, vividly, and comfortably than ever before.

If you want to learn a little more about iZon lenses, click here.